Thank you for Safer, Dryer, and Nicer Fields at Osolo


UPDATE: We have successfully raised all funds required! Thank you so much!

The board of directors has decided to pursue the purchase of an ABI Force. This equipment will allow us to maintain our playing fields to a deeper level or care than ever before.

Baseball and Softball fields should be graded each year to make sure that rain runs off of the field, however, this costs nearly $10,000 per field per year. With 12 fields to maintain that would be a very large expense that we just do not have each year. So, this is never done. 

This equipment will allow Osolo volunteers to do it each and ever Spring and again before All Stars. 

Not only will it allow us to properly maintain our fields, but it will actually make them safer too. It will remove pits, ruts and holes from our infield surfaces and allow players to slide on much softer dirt.

We want all players to have a fun and safe time at Osolo and we believe equipment like this will help every player have a much better experience at our park. 

In order to have it in time for this Spring’s season we need your help. Would you be willing to give towards this project?

Safer Fields

With regular maintenance our fields will be softer, flatter and easier to run on. Reducing injurys due to tripping and falling.

Dryer Fields

With the laser grading capabilities our fields will drain much faster after the rain and we can get back to playing games quickly.

Nicer Fields

Maintaining the fields with equiptment like this will be much more comfortable for players easier to learn how to slide more comfortable stopping and starting a run. Balls will be more playable in the infield. An all around better baseball and softball experience.